Tracking Our Progress to
Inspire, Prepare and Employ

As part of our commitment to building a more diverse and inclusive space workforce, we invite you to learn more about our inaugural year and the successes and challenges we share as an industry for this meaningful endeavor.

Engineers Inspect Satellite

The Future of the Space Workforce

The next generation must be even more educated, innovative, and resilient to stay competitive. Savvy industry leaders know we can’t afford to leave any talented individuals behind. 

While humanity extends its reach further into space, our workforce must reflect all the people on Earth and the values to which we aspire.

The Space Workforce 2030 initiative outlines achievable goals for inclusivity and demonstrates our commitment to measuring progress towards these goals. 

As we chart our course to this promising future, the foundation we establish now will have a profound effect on the generations to follow. 

Space Workforce 2030 Participants

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The Space Workforce 2030 Pledge outlines achievable goals for inclusivity and our commitment to measuring progress towards these goals. Sign up to learn more.

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